• jeudi 8 juin 2017

    Dwarfs at war !

    I built this vignette with miniatures from the Bood Wargames range, I met the producer "Bood" at the last Oldhammer Day France. He nicely proposed me to pick up some models in his shop case. An elegant way to combine the pleasure to practicaly.

    His range of medieval Dwarfs start to be expended : Men at Arms with différents arms position and weapons, Ponies, Crossbowmen (coming soon on his web site) Lot of good things but I get inspiration with his marvellous Drunk Dwarfs.

    These vignette represent the Dwarf spirit at war but did you notice that vignette work for Dwarfs  spirit befor, during and after the battle!! Dwarfs never die of thirst.

    Thank you Bood :)

    Dwarfs at war!!

    mardi 30 mai 2017

    WHFB Scenario : Pitch invasion (Last part)

    To begin this final part I want to thank all the partners who join me during the several games I organized. I played most of the time as Game Master (GM) and I took a lot of pleasure to play with you! Thank you All!

    I played the last game during the French Oldhammer Day (Metz) last week, JB Asslessman and Patatovitch work hard to prepare pictures report of the week end (Links coming soon) 

    Stadium ambiance:

    Painted gaming table, miniatures and a worked scenario managed by a GM are the base for a good game. But, to increase the sport/stadium/supporters ambiance, I bought some accessories to transform my classic players into crazy Blood Bowl supporters. These colored hats are cheap, 4 hats 10€ on ebay, free shipping. Simple, funny and very effective to create an ambiance around the gaming table. 

    I improved this accessories art during this last game I played, by dressing me into a "real" BloodBowl referee, enjoy the facial injuries. Thanks to the local US football club “Les Artilleurs de Metz” for lent me the referee cloth.

    Specials rules:

    1° All troops are skirmisher on the stadium stands, they automatically reform in rank and files units when they penetrate on the pitch.

    2° The pitch is separated from the Stadium Stand by a fence chain link. The supporters must charge and destroy the fence to penetrate on the pitch. All attacks Hit automatically, fence have T5 and W4, 6 or 8 function of the size of the fence section.

    3° Skaven and Goblin races have low “Cool” value. So, Panic test can rapidly transform your fearsome horde of crazy supporters in a routed crowd. To avoid this kind of tragic incident, I created the “Supporters song”. Every times a player fail a psychology test, he can roar a “supporter song” to automatically pass the test. Both teams can sing no more than 3 “supporters song” during the game.

    4° The Ogre Star Player can catch every goblin supporters and throw it. Range : 9” , 1D6 Hit, S4 and armor save permitted.

    Battle report :

    We are in the Groenwald Blood Bowl arena and the match oppose the Orcland Raiders to The Fearsome Ratskins. Stadium stand are full of furious supporters and both teams are waiting in their half

    The Orcland Raiders
    The Fearsome Ratskins
    In the center of the pitch,  the Dwarf referee flip a coin to decide which team chooses to kick-off or receive the ball. At this moment, a wad of cash falls on the ground directly from the pocket of the referee... Corruption !!!

    Supporters are out of Contrôl, they destroy the fence chain link, It's a pitch INVASION
    Ratskins supporters penetrate first on the pitch, a fire thrower join them but not for a long time. The light weapon team fail a fear test when the Ogre charge them!!
    Gutter Runners can climb the fence chain link, they're now in position to charge the Goblin archers

    On the other side the Skaven Slaves charge the second unit of goblin archer. Bad news for them, this unit host a Ball and chain loony!! The Goblin Overlord and his unit enter on the pitch!
    Skaven Slaves routed, some Globadier get out of the locker room. The Orcland Star player charge the Rat Ogre with his chainsaw and cut the beast in 2 pieces!
    A ferocious combat between the Skaven Lord and his retinue against the Ogre. The Skaven unit is crossed by another Fanatic but only one Chaos Rat was slaughtered. The Ratskin team charge the Orcland raiders.
    The locker room doors of the Raiders explode, the bavre Snotlings finally find the way to build their pump wagon !! At the same moment, Galak Starscrapper enter in the Stadium. He's ready to avenge his referee partners
    The Orcland Raiders members team slain the last Ratskins, the pump wagon stay far from the Giant referee. The skaven Warlord advance to take position in the Raiders Stand.
    Last combined charge of the Raiders! The pump Wagon croos all the ranks of the Skaven unit. Their warlord is too far... They rout !! Orcland Raiders Victory!!

    Conclusion :

    As you can imagine, after 4 months of hard work to create and paint all the stuffs needed for this scenario. I was very excited to play it J I keep in my mind many good memories. No winners or losers here, only funny and unforgettable memories for all the partners who joint the games!!
    French Oldhammerers : Mandrin, Patatovicth, me, JB and Nikko

    Wargames Club friends : Gwen, G, Mino, me, Oun and Alf
    My brother and me!

    Last words :

    Here the supporters songs I created. Some of them are inspired by real French soccer supporters song. After several beers… A real pleasure to roar these songs J
    Raiders songs :
    -Ratskins, Ratskins on t’encule  (x2)!!! Inspired by the famous rivality OM vs PSG
    -Won ‘est les meilleurs, won’est les meilleurs¸ , won’est (x3) les meilleurs !!! Own creation.
    Ratskins songs :
    -Qui ne saute pas n’est pas Ratskins, hé !!! OM supporters song
    -Si t’es fiert d’etre un Ratskins tape un Gobelin, Si t’es fiert d’etre un Ratskins tape sur un Nain, Si t’es fiert d’etre un Ratskins (x3)tape sur quelqu’un !!! Own creation, on the rhythm of « elle descend de la montage »

    lundi 29 mai 2017

    WHFB Scenario : Pitch invasion (part Three)

    As developed in de last part, both supporters factions have some troops hidden in the locker room. These troops work hard to build some secret (and powerful) weapons to help their favorite team to win. Before the game begins, the Game Master describes secretly to every teams what hidden troops they have but keep secret when they arrive on the battle field.
    This is the job of the GM to manage the arrival of these small units on the battle field. Every turns, a new unit arrives on the pitch to create the rhythm of the game.  The second effect is the “suspense” every turns the GM plunge his hands in his miniatures case, players hold their breath, it’s a good or a bad surprise for us? Very exciting for the players and the GM!
    Raiders hidden supporters
    Ratskins hidden supporters

    Non player characters
    These troops are played only by the GM. They counterbalance the game when a faction is too lucky or when players are more experimented then the other  players team. The security stadium troops are optional, function of the game … But Referees team is Obligatory J The human and the dwarf referees are weak and generally slaughtered in the first turns of the game but the giant referee….  Galak Starscrapper is the stronger creature on the battlefield. He arrives in the last part of the game to add pressure and restore some punch to the game rhythm.  This is the final surprise of the scenario and generally players are little bit scared J

    Security stadium troops
    Referees team

    Galak Starscraper's Background (Star player from 1st Blood Bowl ed)
    Galak is Gurk Cloudscraper's BIG brother, an unusually intelligent giant (which isn't saying much, since he's still pretty dumb) who has loved Blood Bowl since he was knee-high to an Ogre. Sadly, as he grew up he found opponents became less and less keen to play against him, until he eventually had to retire. However, his love of the game just would not go away, and one day he came up with an inspired idea. Striding out into the desert, he trapped a herd of zebra in a canyon. After 3 days of skinning, sewing, and cursing, he returned to civilization in his new stripy suit as the world's first giant Nuffle Amorical Football (NAF) referee.
    Galak's inability to control his temper when several players gang up on one player has led to numerous calls that he be barred from refereeing. Unfortunately, Galak finds it equally difficult to control his temper when so accused, leading to several very flat and very dead investigating committees.
    Next part is the final part. I played this scenario Three times has GM and I will sum up with lot of pictures the different games with friends of mine. Final part tomorrow.


    dimanche 14 mai 2017

    WHFB Scenario: Pitch invasion (part two)

    Hi !! In this part we ‘ll talk about the dreaded Blood Bowl supporters. As describe in the last part, this scenario is based on the famous kick off event “Pitch invasion”. So, I built the supporters factions to have the less paint job as possible. Blood Bowl Teams and Skaven supporters are painted since many moons. I “only” have the Green Skinz  supporters to paint, and the colorful banners for every armies. Yep, both factions must bring their team colors in the stadium this is the key to give a real sportive effect to the battle. Banners, shields and painted armor elements are the way I chosen to represent the teams colors.

    I already played two games has Game Master. Classic GM’s job, I introduce the scenario, have a WHFB referee function and manage some funny house made rules. But the must funny for me is to share some secrets with other players. Both factions have hidden troops and they arrive progressively during the game. Those animate and give a good rhythm to the game, like other specials secrets events  J

    I keep them secret for the moment because I planned to play a last game at the end of the month with other venerable French Old Hammerers… The secret must be kept but you can trust me, I’ll share with you in the next part the battle report and all the specials stuffs.

    Both factions are built with the WHArmies book and totalizes 850pts, including : The team,  supporters and hidden troops. I applied the same logic for both armies. Elite troops are represented by the Blood Bowl team, they’re accompanied by a Big Guy. Supporters are less punchy but add diversity, they’re boosted by several characters.

    Orcland Raiders :

    1 unit of Orc Big’uns (Orcland Raiders) with Champion (Starplayer) and 1 Ogre.  2 units of Goblins Spearmen, 1 unit of Goblins with hand weapon, 2 units of Goblins Bowmen, 3 Snotlings bases with Snotling Shaman (One spell : Fire Ball). And 4 Supporters Characters including the army banner.
    No magic Item.


    Ugly GreenFacebook

    Lovely 3rd & 4th ed Goblin Shields

    Fearsome Ratskins :

    1 unit of Skaven Stormvermins (F. Ratskins) with Champion (Starplayer) and 1 Rat Ogre.  2 units of Skaven Spearmen, 1 unit of Slaves with hand weapon, 1 unit of Skaven Gutter Runners, 1 Jezzail team. And 4 Supporters Characters including the army banner.
    No magic Item. Chaos attributs are pre rolled by me.

    samedi 8 avril 2017

    WHFB Scenario: Pitch invasion (part one)

    Hi, today a special WHFB scenario largely inspired by an article published in 1988 in “Le Hérault Citadel N°5”, a French magazine edited by Agmat France who translated many texts from Games Workshop publications (more information about Agmat here) 

    The original scenario is written like a dialog with two sport speakers who describe the situation in a Blood Bowl stadium, it really funny but It’s too long for me to translate it (sorry). In summary I purpose you my own version.
     We are in the Groenwald Blood Bowl arena and the match oppose the Orcland Raiders to The Fearsome Ratskins. Stadium stand are full of furious supporters and players are waiting in their half. In the center of the pitch, one player of both team and the referee flip a coin to decide which team chooses to kick-off or receive the ball. At this moment, a wad of cash falls on the ground directly from the pocket of the referee… After a brief moment of silence in the stadium, a fight breaks out between the two players, accusing each other of referee corruption!! Pressure go’s up in the stands and the supporters of each team get out of control! The fence chainlink around the pitch it violently destroys by the supporters!! Ho my god … PITCH INVASION!!

    This scenario is played only in the stadium, it’s a medium surface 75x100cm. So, both factions are smaller than classic armies. Around 60 miniatures by faction, 10 or 12 soldiers by unit. A GM is highly recommended to manage the hided troops in armies, special events and other non-players troops. Lockers can hides some troops of courses and the fence chain-links have some wounds and toughness skill. Ranked units can be formed only on the pitch and when you move on the stadium stand you automatically loose the base to base contact but all units gain the special troop type:  Scout.

    The stadium is the central part of the scenario it’s an unusual gaming table and the best advantage is you have only one scenery to build… But I didn’t want the spend lot of time on. I used my Astrogranite pitch and I managed to create the stand with the less paint job as possible. The principal technic I used is based on glued paper sheets on polystyrene. I created Wood and stone printed sheets with Townscape (pdf) samples I duplicated (here and here). I find some fake Blood Bowl sponsors on web (here and here), I glued them like wood sheets on 2mm cardboard.  Last element is the fence chain-link, I bought this mdf kit here.

    That's all for the first part, next parts, I will develop and show you the two factions of supporters!